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An Intelligent Community of Business Professionals

Ideate – Innovate – Initiate Opportunities

The iCommunity is a way to connect to other small business owners in the Northern MD, VA and Washington DC Metro area.  We offer our members exciting events and powerful programs that are high in educational content and the opportunity to become involved with meaningful community service initiatives.


We are now accepting New Speaker Applications for our Intelligent "Talk" series,

We are looking for interesting business professionals that are experts in their respective industry. The goal of our series "Talks" is to  facilitate an interactive engaging conversation with the attending audience. 

PLEASE CALL 703.752.6200

More Benefits

  • FREE  & Discounted Even Attendance

    • Receive free and discounted access to all monthly online or in person io/iCommunity events!

    • Podcast Guest

      • Be a guest of one of our weekly podcast shows/

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